About Esther

Musical Director and Founder

The Choir Factor’s Musical Director and Founder, Esther Bettis has been a music teacher for over 20 years as well as being an accomplished pianist. Her early career was spent as a piano teacher in Surrey which continued when she moved to Gloucestershire in 2003.

Esther had always dreamed of starting up her own contemporary pop/gospel style choir so at the end of 2007 she started to prepare her plan.

The following year she started her first choir at her children’s school which was open to the teachers, school governors and parents. The choir very quickly started to grow in numbers as the word spread and the choir performed at various school events, Gloucester Cathedral and finally, a show to raise funds for the school and Winstons Wish at a local theatre. Musical Director

The following year Esther wanted to open up the availability to sing and perform in a contemporary pop choir to a wider audience which was when The Choir Factor™ was launched.