Vocal Coaching

Have you always wanted to learn about singing and how to use breath support correctly?  Or wanted to know how to belt out those songs you’ve seen on the movies? Well, my private coaching could just be the thing that will help you!

You may be a teenager who wants to learn the basics of breath support, a bride or groom whose dream has always been singing while walking down the aisle or for their speech at their own wedding..showing off your vocal skills at the office Christmas parties?  The reasons are endless…I can help get you there!

Many students have had singing lessons from teachers who may have learnt over 20 or 30 years ago and had just taught you the same methods they were taught themselves which can be quite outdated as technique changes and moves on! 

I can teach you everything you need to know from performance technique to extending your breath in those really long-held notes!

I teach from my home studio and if you live further away, I can also teach via Skype/video link!  Don’t let distance be a hindrance to your learning!

The cost of a coaching session is:

1 Hour

Coaching session
£ 30
  • A typical coaching session will comprise of breathing technique, vocal exercises and learning to sing from inside out based on vocal anatomy and health.

Please note, there is no free coaching taster session.